Segmentation is the pursuit of organizing the list of subscribers into their characteristical group based on their shared behavior. Whereas Email Segmentation is the procedure of separating the contact list accordingly to personality and characteristics into small sections. This practice helps the marketers to send the subscribers their kind of tailored campaigns, based on what they know […]



HOLI – The Celebratory of Colors!

  However, Holi is a profound meaning festival. It embarks the presence of season spring with color all around filled with zeal and pleasure. It is a festival-filled opportunity to forgive and forget. In amidst of the thrill one can strengthen their relationship, share their happiness and show affection and respect for one another. Holi is a[…]

how to plan a marketing budget



MARKETING BUDGET – The basic of budgeting!

Definition – A Marketing Budget is an essential amount of marketing ploy in terms of costs, required to promote your products or services. Generally, it includes office costs, employing staff, promoting costs for advertising and public relations, schedule, and another sort of expenses. The important objective about a marketing budget is that it ensures your campaigns are[…]