In today’s world, Internet Marketing is all over the place. And you must have heard about Facebook? Well, it is evident that Facebook is a social media site that has taken up the world by storm for making new friendship connections. Not only, must you have heard in order to know the market more proficiently one need to be on Facebook. It is the biggest social media network in the world with 2.27 billion users.


The first question to be asked is – Do your audiences have an account on Facebook?
The answer to the question is, maybe or most probably. As it is a vast social media platform there are higher chances of probability for their presence. In the recent data analysis, it is shown that every age group of individuals uses Facebook.
The most engaging audiences are younger generation users. Not only that both men and women equally use social media in equal numbers. It is somewhat a dominant network used by all ages of individuality. In other words, it can be said that no matter whatever age you are targeting for your brand, there are more than enough users.


So, it all starts with having a Facebook page. Just like a personal profile account, a page of a brand, with the hub of information about it. It includes products, services, promos, or even contents about the products.
The user can “like and follow” the page that will automatically send the latest updates from the page in their news feeds.

Here are few featuring tips to set up the professional page:

## Profile photo & Cover image – The profile should be simple with just the logo of your brand.
The cover picture is a different phase of the story, the decision is purely on your thinking of what you want to put here. Different brand profiles use fancy artwork, contact information, photos of their employees or products, and characters.
Always pick an image that enhances your profile and draws the eyeballs of your visitors.
## About us – This section is proficiently placed right below the brand’s logo. This section is your important chance to tell everyone what sort of products you have and what you do.
It should be just basic with the inclusion of more details on the facts about your brand and how you’re different from the rest.
## Posting – Posting is very essential as it will be shown on the news feeds of everyone who follow your page. It is helpful as well and useful for brand recognition as it gives you chances and endless opportunities to be the gossip of the fans and the users.
Make sure your post is not about the same thing or endless, don’t post too often with too much. This results in clogging the feeds of your fan followers.
## Statistics study – Facebook offers insight to analyze your page. All you need to do is pay attention. The fluctuation in the surge of followers can be the reason for the trending things that you are posting.
Create and post the kind of content that will help you grow and connect to your followers.

Conclusion – With many scandals in the past and every now and then, Facebook still makes itself the best marketing opportunity platform. This fact is not going to change any soon in time. It is worth the investment of time when learning Facebook Marketing.


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