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Definition – The keywords are the words and phrases also known as ‘search queries’ that people type into the Search Engines.

What are the types of keywords?

There are primarily two groups of keywords that are based on the volume of words.

#  Short Tail Keyword – They are the most commonly used words or phrases that contain 3 words or less. They have a high amount of search traffic with lower conversion rates. Its conversion rate is 15-20%.

# Long Tail Keyword – They are the words or phrases that are longer and specific in terms of word searching. While they have less search traffic but a higher amount of conversion rate. Its conversion rate is 70-80%.

What is Keyword Research?

Search Engine Optimization is the practice that is directly proportional to the keyword search. It is a process of understanding the languages of the consumers use while searching for something. The search may involve the products, services, content, and other things.

Keyword research is the quintessence of the SEO. It involves the task of identifying the most popular words and the phrases searched by people. The whole ranking of the contents on the search engine is the responsibility of keyword research.

What is the importance of Keyword Research?

As content is the crux aspect of marketing. The keyword is the pathway to get the leads and traffics. No matter how hard you try but if the content is not written on search topics it is not worth it. Most of the website does create contents that nobody is looking for.

According to study’s it shows 90.63% of pages get no traffic from Google. The keyword is interlinked with the searching benchmark that involves analyzing, comparing, and prioritizing the keywords.

Ideas for Finding Keywords –

The process is simple with efficient results. The idea is to find potential customers that might search for your website or business. All you need is to have good knowledge of your work industry. And to know how the tools for keyword research work.

The process involved is as follows

# Brainstorming – The first step is to look for ‘seed’ keywords. Seed keywords are the fundamental word that helps you to look for your competitors and identify them. The product or the business you want to promote online should have easy seed keywords.

# Competitors Rank – It is the best way to start keyword research by looking at the keywords that send traffic to the competitors. The brainstorming list queries also helps one to create their keyword list.

# Research tools – There are in-numerous amount of keywords that the competitors are not targeting either using. These keywords are available in the tool. There are various types of keyword research tools. Google Keyword Planner is the most used and well-known tool.

# Studying Your Niche – It is a detailed and certainly a good idea to start to browse, the forum, Q & A, etc. Always pay attention to the client’s use of words when they are looking for their search. Languages even play an important role.


Conclusion – This blog is all about basic concepts of keyword research. This will help you to plan your content strategy.


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