Let’s not make the Content as a generic issue to refer to it as king or queen. Let’s just say that Content is the ‘core’, ‘mantle’ & ‘crust’ of marketing. Everything which is substantial in marketing is due to the content of it.

Content Marketing has always been a fundamental part of Digital marketing. It can be stated so because it helps to share information and messages about the product to the audience.

DEFINITION OF CONTENT MARKETING: In general term content marketing can be called as a type of marketing that involves the creation and dispensing of online materials. Its prime focus is to stimulate interest in the brand’s product and their services. It explicitly does not promotes the brand. Some examples of this type of marketing generally introduce blogs, videos, and other social media posts.

The features of content Marketing in business are as follows:

  • It educates your audience about the prospects and leads of the product you have to offer.
  • Content marketing is all about boosting the conversion of your brand.
  • It creates a healthy relationship and brings loyalty between the brands and the customers.
  • Content showcases and solves the challenges of the audience with the help of your product.
  • It creates a sense of community around your brand and its services.


  1. Social Media Content Marketing. According to a review it was stated that there are 3.6 billion users on social media platforms. There are different variety of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, and many more. One can plan to create their content accordingly and share them on it.
  2. Infographic Content Marketing is the second on the list. It displays information, data, contents in a bit easy to understand way format. With a difficult and complex content when combined with images mixed it creates a simple wording Infography. There are different types of complex topics that can be distilled and converted into simple pictures for audiences.
  3. Blog Content Marketing. With the help of one’s creativity inbound content on the specific topic, your product can sit in the hearts of the audiences. It needs to have a correct purpose and topic to promote the services of internal and as well as an outward description. All one needs is to incorporate product information with the link to the article and post it.
  4. Podcast Content Marketing is the fourth type of marketing on the list. Podcast content has become the sensation of the marketing firm. For this reason, many business firms and media outlets have started sharing their content via podcasts. Video marketing is also a process of podcast marketing. It boosts the ROI and helps you to build a relationship with your clients.
  5. Paid Ad Content Marketing. When your content paired with the inbound marketing audience it creates a buzz over the media platform. This type of marketing helps in reaching a bigger and broad approachable audience where you want your product to be forecasted. You can share your paid ads on social media, banners, landing pages and etc.

CONCLUSION: Content marketing is an amazing tactic that helps a brand to generate unique visitors on their sites.  Content marketing in the inclusion of content writing shifts the strategy into a whole new direction. The audience loves to read new types of content every single time. All you need to do is bring fresh and new strategies and trending topics that will back up your product.

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