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EMAIL MARKETING & CHATBOTS – The Integration for Engagement

Email Marketing is not an imaginary-hype in the world of digitals. Rather, emails have brought the best and highest Return on Investment for a decade now. Though, social media marketing has been the new fanfare.

When the social platforms came to action for marketing, it was thought that email will reduce its marketing values. But according to data analysis – McKinsey & Company, it was reported that it is reaching the targeted audiences 40 times more effectively.

Whereas, with the emergence of Chabot’s in the digital space is reportedly noted that 45% of the customers prefer using it for communication. Chabot is a very effective tool when one wants to engage with your website to communicate as it gets a quick response.


Email Marketing when integrated with Chabot’s makes a pouring strategy for marketing. The type of strategy that out-bonds sources and compliments each other and run the whole marketing show expertly.

Anyone who wants controllable, easier, and much faster experiences of personalization should combine email with conversational marketing. The strategies of combing work together to bring boosting engagements for your marketing efforts.


Let’s get to know a few of the benefits when both the managements combine for marketing.

  • Conversion RatesChabot’s are an auto-generated conversational tool. Since an individual who has an interest in your services/products, visiting the website and engages further with the potential product. It makes it easy to converse with the client rather than sending bulk emails and real casual visitations.
    Bots can personalize the conversation with the clients about the product. By providing relevant information, based on the visitor’s queries and contents based on the website page. It helps to funnel the sales with potential buyers.
  • Communal Diversity to Channels – Communication is the key to any sales. So, the more you interact with your targeted audiences, the more chances of converting them. Bots are the multiple personalities that will engage your brand with the omnichannel communication in it.
    The email marketing campaigns can be worked together with chatbots for experiences it has; the spot-on providing answers, the data gathering, and analysis. When your website, is available on the regular and every day using tools like phone, social channels, email, and bots it provides more engagements and communal diversity.
  • Email Notification via BotsThe digital realm with an email and a bot will be the best combo. The sending of direct notification emails from the conservational flow will be triggering the email campaigns with effective results. With the tool named- Landbot Chatbot Builder, all it takes is setting up an email sent option that makes the email sent out easier.
  • Data Gathering Segmentation The procedure of segmentation is an efficient strategy in email marketing. For a proper hitting on the target with the right message segments, your list is the most efficient way for narrowing the likelihood.
    Chatbots are one of the easiest ways to segment your list with the data you want. It can help you segment your targeted audiences by demographic, geo-location, purchase history, the intention of purchase, buying frequencies, etc.

FINAL WORD – The marketing mix of these two can create synchronization and synergies to build the top effective marketing. All you need is special skills and experience to do it well. So, when are you collaborating with them for your business?

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