How to use hashtag in social media

How to use #HASHTAG in social media?

A mini clarity A #HASHTAG is a ’single word’ or ‘phrased’ keyword that is included in the digital contents with the hash sign. It is used on social media websites to identify and look at specific topics and contents.


Types of #tags to use on social media

  • Content hashtags The term content hashtags have a natural and clear meaning that defines and associates with your product. The first consideration of your content should directly relate to your product, service, and expertise in the marketing field. It gives a great exposure to the audiences who had no idea about your website and services.
  • Trending hashtags Trending hashtags is another great way to get a boost-up for the visibility of your brand. Millions of users use the existing hashtag to watch out and grow popular. However, using the correct existing trendy hashtag should relate to your product. Most of the time a valuable hashtag can work efficiently with a lot of fun.
  • Brand-specific hashtags While it can be chaotic and circumstantial when you get disappeared out of hundreds when using of same hashtags. However, it is a good idea creating of your own specific hashtag for your brand. It helps in general branding, event, promotion, contest, and other sorts of marketing campaigns. The key to creating a brand-specific hashtag should not be used by other brands and should have unique and memorable property.

The wise way of using the #tags

  • The strategical use of #tags Using the over-crowd hashtags makes you unnoticeable and lost. It is quite evident that content when mixed with high volume hashtags with a specific one gives a good result. Before posting any hashtags one should do some research work. There are tools to search and learn about trendy hashtags.
  • Keeping of short #tags The shorter the hashtags with meaningfulness the more the people get attracted to. Using short hashtags helps everyone from the headache. People get turned off when over lengthy hashtags are used. One should not squeeze too many words into one single hashtag.
  • Avoid overuse of words in #tags The next thumb rule is to avoid, making every single word a hashtag. The entire caption should be with one hashtag with significant meaning to it. While every channel has its own allowance per post of the hashtag.


Conclusion #HASHTAGS was previously called a ‘thing for the nerds’. Well, this sign is no longer used by the nerds rather it has taken the world up by the storm. A few years back nobody realized that a sign ‘#’ can be a derivation of trending topics. It was just a sign that denoted the symbolism of the pound. But as social media apps got into our lives this mundane sign became an online sensation.

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