INSTAGRAM Marketing done via technology is a ‘classic’ as well as ‘modernist’ strategy for recent times. Social media marketing started in the 1990s and ever since it is flourishing. There is no way to turn back from the marketing done from digitalism.

Instagram was created by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom and launched in the year 2010 on iOS. It is basically a photo and video sharing app on social media networking and now it owned by Facebook.

It currently has 1billion active monthly users and 500million daily active users globally. It surely is a jaw-dropping number of users. 

Instagram features that can be used to ‘Grow Your Product & Brand’!

VIDEOSInstagram has a short video sharing feature that can be posted like a bombshell. These videos give a wide range of opportunity for the brand to enlighten the customer’s mind. The customer can know about the product, services, and offers of your brand.

IGTVThis is a vertical featured video application that has a time limit of 10 minutes to 60 minutes. AS this feature has a time expansion the brand can make established videos of the products. The advertisement can bring great conveniences of customer’s attention.

STORIESFeaturing the stories on your account is a new inn on social media. Both the images and videos with likable music can be posted on it. Within 24 hours the stories get disappeared. So the next day you can start with a new fresh set of contents for your brand.

REELSThis application is a verified and popular way to reach customers. The short record video has the feature with the sound clips with the pre-existing function. This also includes editing tools and filters to make your content and product an effective glow and bright light eyes.

LIVE- STREAMINGStreaming the product live is a technique that has an amazing effect of reaching billions of people one single time. It brings the bran to the public’s recognition. You can even get close to the customer and opt for promotional as well as awareness sessions on different topics and contents.

INSTAGRAM DIRECTThis feature lets the user and the brand get into one-o-one interactions. Through this private sending messaging feature you can update your targeted audiences or new audiences of the offers and services of your products.

ConclusionMarketing through Instagram is a much cheaper way rather than other forms of marketing. Applying the right strategies with the right content for your product builds as well as increases the awareness of the brand to the masses. Public visiting the website and purchasing what you have to offer is always the main focus. And in order to generate revenues and recognition, this surely is a good-will way of doing in the digital world.



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