P.P.C is the abbreviation of pay-per-click and one of the lead marketing methods. According to modern marketers, 79% of them utilize this category of advertisement. While, in return, for this, a fee is paid based on the clicks and leads created by the ad.

Google Ads is the most admired PPC advertising system in the world. By, the end of the year 2019, Google Ads enjoyed 93% of the Search Engine market share globally. According to a statistic, it was shown that previous year 160 billion queries were searched by customers on Google solely.

Let’s keep in mind some of the best practicing trends of 2021 :

## AUTOMATION Automation is using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to reduce laboring tasks while making Google do the task. It is a massive saving feature in pay-per-click. It does not just save our costs but our energy and time even.

The main characteristic task of automation is to identifying the best ads, finding CTA, suggesting and calculating the strategy, checking the performance of accounts, enhancing CPC, and generate conversions. The features are already in the process of experiments and learnings that helps in the smooth working of campaigns.

## VOICE SEARCH OPTIMIZATION The generation with further movement of digitization is all about making work easier and smarter. By now, most of the searches have turned to voice-based searches. Most of the work now is dependent on talking to voice gadgets like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, or Google rather than humans.

In recent times the voice optimization works best on cellphones that bring a large number of exposure to audiences. The keywords are in spoken languages that make it simple to communicate with your audiences about your products or services.

## DIFFERENT PLATFORMS FOR PPC As the technologies are progressing audiences are becoming aware of their needs and want. Several niche platforms are using PPC to target their segment of specific audiences.

  • LinkedInIt is a professional platform for the business and corporate world. However, the up-and-coming runner is the new alternate of PPC in it too.
  • Amazon It is one of the most popular platforms with flexibility in the e-commerce sector. Amazon Ads is the third-largest fast-growing platform. In Amazon you don’t have to be a seller on the platform yet you can get your sell-by CTA.

## ADS VIA VIDEOS The flight of video ads took a plight in the year 2019 and moved forward only

Creating a bandwidth in the year 2021. While it has become a new trend, the reason is that display ad are much attention grabber rather than text ads.

There are several social media platforms like YouTube ads, Facebook ads, Instagram stories and many other that has led the business to adapt. Video has covered an extreme part of social marketing.

## RE-EVALUATION OF YOUR AUDIENCES The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown period have made people sit in front of a flat digital screen. Every business needs to rearrange its audiences to identify the opportunity for additional traffic and leads. Metrics and data are important but who is your customer is a dominant question. The focus on a fresh study of audiences is essential.

When you figure out the solution to the questions who your actual targeted audience are. With the combination of information based on demography and ideal customer profile, you can develop a re-oriented PPC strategy.

Conclusion There have been certain sectors like hospitality, tourism, events and live entertainments, etc. that have suffered and bared a huge loss in previous year. While, other sectors like business managements, non-profits, beauty, medicine, digital entertainment enterprises, etc. have bloomed like never before.

There is numerous 2021 trend for PPC. Since the rest of the trending points are bound to new ideas that you can explore. You can even hire a PPC marketing professional even, to attract traffic for your website and brand.

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