Blood is a liquid/fluid that constantly circulates in humans and other animals. It provides the body with oxygen and nutrition. It is viscous than pure water because of the numerous cells and proteins present in it.
Basically, blood is pumped by the heart and it carries oxygen, nutrients to the cells and carries back carbon dioxide and waste products. Blood is extremely essential for living and maintaining a life that includes humans, animals, birds, and other types of organisms.
However, June 14 is celebrated as World Donor Day since the year 2005. With the involvement of the World Health Organization, this date is acknowledged for raising the awareness of safe blood. The blood unpaid donors are the voluntary saver of someone’s life by donating their own type of blood and blood products.


Every year World Health Organization decides on a motivational theme to follow. This year’s theme is ‘Give blood and keep the world beating’. Well, at this time of pandemic situation health is the topmost priority for everyone. Humans have to cage themselves up to save themselves from not being hit by this COVID-19 virus across the whole globe.

The importance of blood donation is a gift that has no returning values or any sort of returning gift one can give back. The significance of this day is an encourage act to motivate others to save the lives. The ultimate goal is to have sufficient bloodstock for every country present on the globe.

This day gives the government and the national health authorities to have adequate resources of the blood units. It is an opportunity that the government can place the process in a systematic way to infrastructure the blood collection from non-remunerated and voluntary donors takeaway.

Safe blood is however a critical situation for care and public health in a lot of developing countries. The life of millions and improvement of the quality of health and life living is a universal problem. Access to blood in order to save lives makes a difference not only for the patient but for their family members.

It is a sweet and responsible gesture towards the society that has given us so much. This whole world is a big family aesthetically and donating blood makes you connected to someone with blood relations. Do your bit!


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