How to handle stress at work place?

Stress! Everyone senses it, but what is it specifically? Although it has numerous definitions, the one that most people can relate to is: the tension that arises emotionally or physically when you feel that you are unable to match a situation’s high demand. The founders and workers of a successful company must be motivated and focused. Therefore, […]



Why People are becoming entrepreneur after the age of 35 ?

Every people who are Entrepreneur have different stories about why they decided to start a business. Few come up with ideas for while working for some other companies & others have known from day one that they wanted to work for themselves and decided to become an Entrepreneur. Most businessmen will definitely agree on one thing that[…]



Celebrating Glorious 75 Years of Independent India

We are celebrating India’s 75th Independence Day as the day of its sovereignty from the foreign power. The nation of diversity that takes pride having got it’s freedom on this day, in 1947. On the dawn of August 15 1947, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru – the first Prime Minister of Independent India, said, “At the stroke of the[…]