Our client is a multidisciplinary project exploring company – Animation & Graphic service provider. Creative 360 Venture has developed a new voice for their brand with our social media management campaigns to reflect the spirit and interests of the animation world. With visual branding, usage of chic colors, and lively imagery of their services made our campaigns for them a wild success – it was immense fun to work for them.

In December 2020 months our team updated Spark Animation’s social media presence to include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We made a contemporary and trendy landscape that turnout to be a satisfying strategy to our client request on social media presence.

Project Features

  • Social media platform handling – posts; key art taglines
  • Constant monitoring of reviews and comments /queries
  • Custom contents with conceptualized direction
  • Social copy of the contents ; Template creating
  • Interactive campaign run at multimedia platforms