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6 Benefits of Using Google Search Console for Small Businesses

Google Search Console is a free tool provide by Google. Previously it knows as Google Webmaster tool. If you’re a website owner then you definitely heard about this name. Google Search Console helps website owners on various things, from crawling and indexing to ranking it covers the all aspect. If you are a Web Developer or Digital Marketer this tool also benefits you on the various factors. In this blog you’ll know how Google Search benefits you.

  1. Improve Search Visibility: Google: Google Search Console provides you insight into how your website appears into Google search result. How a particular keywords work and which keywords driving traffic on your site. How many times your website appears in the search result. With the help of this result you can optimize your site and content for better visibility.
  2. Keyword Analysis: Keyword Analysis is the one of the important part of Search Engine. With the help of Search Console you don’t able to do keyword research but you can analyze the keywords, which keywords works well and which not. With the help of this data you can optimize your keyword and build a better output.
  3. Indexing Insight: Crawling and Indexing is the most important part of search engine. Without crawling Google don’t understand what your site talking about, after crawling Google index your page on their databases this is call Indexing. Google Console helps you to generate deep insight about this, is google bot crawls and indexes your site properly or not, is there are any issues, with the help of console insight you can fix this and improve your site performance.
  4. Sitemap Submission: Sitemap is the XML code, in sitemap you can provide information about your site, files, images and videos and structured your site. In Sitemap you provide information about your website and create a relationship with them. You can submit your sitemap code on Google search console. With the help of sitemap Google understand your site effectively and Index your site better way.
  5. Security Notification: Security is another big issue on your site. Google Search Console provides you security notification about your site. If Google detect any security issue on your site like Malware or hacking attacks Google Console instantly provide security information.
  6. Performance Report: You can track performance on your site with the help of Google search Console. You can monitor clicks, impression, CTR, and average site position of your site. This data is very important for measuring your SEO efforts.

Conclusion:  If you are a small business owner, blogger, marketer or a web developer you can easily understand your site performance with the help of Google Search console and improve your site performance. You can generate internal information about your sites and Makes your site and business more profitable and generate more leads or visibility.

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