Disadvantages of trusting AI blindly in Digital Marketing

Disadvantages of trusting AI blindly in Digital Marketing

Introduction: Marketing is the broad term which is backbone of every industry. In past we do marketing only on offline, but as time goes up we shift marketing from offline to online. In today’s world we can’t imagine marketing without Digital. In future we will see marketing in a new way, everything or most of the thing controlled by AI. It causes so much easiness on our life, but there are so many disadvantages also. Everything has two sides like a coin, so we mustn’t completely dependent on the artificial marketing. In this blog you’ll know disadvantages of trusting AI blindly in the field of marketing.

Marketing is a creative work. Marketing is not a like a work which you can do blindly. You need to test every day, learn a new thing every single day. Implement new aspects how a particular campaign work, how to create a new campaign, analyze the result and make it more clickable and improved, so its take so much time, effort and lots of creativity.

Now let’s talk about the AI, how AI Evolved? November 30, 2022 this was the date when revolution evolve in the field of AI when launch ChatGPT. From this time every marketer finds a new way of marketing and way to complete a particular task. After launching ChatGPT many AI tools release, which helps a marketer to Image and Video creation, make content using a Chabot, create video using prompting and many more. But there are some disadvantages lets discuss one by one.



  1. Lack of Human Touch: We’re all human, you’re reading this blog, you’re a human and you’er surrounded by human. So we want human touch in every aspect of life. But when we generate something using AI, we lack the human touch and find some robotic content, which is very similar and boring.


  1. Lack of Creativity: When we generate content using AI tools, we can’t find and creative or new content, we find a similar content which generate someone. So most of the reader doesn’t enjoy reading and watching these types of content, so we need to add something unique using our brain and make it more attractive and creative.


  1. Ethical Issue: There are lots of ethical issues to create something using any AI tools, because AI tools generate content from other blogs and website, so this is not fair to copy someone writing unethically. And everyone understands the AI generated Images. So maybe in near future Google makes some update when we completely don’t able to create a new content using any AI tools.



  1. Eat your Creativity and Thinking: Digital marketing is creative Job; we need to deal many things in the field of Digital marketing every day. Content and Image is not an only part of Digital Marketing. The ultimate goal of marketing is Sales and we all know sale is not generated using tools we need to make too much efforts and creativity for a sale. But continuously using AI tools we just lost our creative thinking and acts mechanically. In near future also when AI become more powerful we lost our Job because of the lack of creativity.


  1. Algorithm Changes Issue: As we know Google and other search engine continuously changes there algorithm for satisfying the users. Google wants only new content, but if we produce content using AI tools maybe someday Google ban all the AI generated content.
  2. Content sound to similar: Similar content also an issue, Al tools just changes the words and tone but the content is always similar and gives same information.
  3. Over Dependence: By continuously using these AI tools we become so much dependent on the AI tools. So if we face a new situation and new approach we can’t think independently. We lack the creativity and ideation. Marketing is a dynamic field we need to update our self every day, but if we lack the creativity we’re replace by AI tools in some day.
  4. Unnatural or Robotic Content: Unnatural content is also a big issue. AI tools produce only robotic content which is boring and not human readable sometimes.
  5. Incorrect Information: Sometime AI tools produce wrong content which create lots of problems. Google also not allow this. Before implementing something we must need to review the post and changes the wrong information.
  6. Job Security: Digital marketing is a very dynamic field. To survive on this field we must adopt a new thing every day, Creativity is a big part on this part so we must be a creative thinker to get success on this field of Digital Marketing. And the best part is AI can’t replace Digital Marketing completely so we must be a creative person otherwise we can’t survive on this fields.


Conclusion: Artificial Intelligence is a best tool which makes our lives better and easier. I completely agree that without AI it was very difficult to manage the all parts, but in the same time we must understand the core of Marketing, How marketing works how copywriting works. We just need to use this AI tools for makes our life easier, but we don’t need to completely depend on this tools. We need to use our Brain and Creativity as well with these tools and create new and unique things. We need to learn how to use this AI tools to create a better things. In this way we can survive long in the field of Marketing.

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