Marketing Strategy is all about understanding the wants and needs of customers and providing them substantial solutions for it. It is a long-termed approach for an organization with planning and fundamental goals.

According to Analysts ‘marketing strategy is a substantial, market-orientated, and evaluation defined management for the audiences.

Facebook is an amazing platform to promote your brand & visibility. A whole number of potential customers are always looking for a bountiful organization with their amazing products and services in businesses. People are literally obsessed with Facebook and it is an amazeballs place to meet and connect with them.


  • Target Audiences – Before moving any further we want to bring it to your knowledge that personality traits are a must in the marketing field. Customers are always the very first priority in marketing. ‘Basic Demographic’ with targeted audiences should be your concern, as they will decide and understand your product.
  • Set Goals – Facebook Marketing Strategy will only work properly when the vision and the focus are clear. The goals when tied with real business objective has an out-bringing impact on the brand. It gradually generates leads with ample conversion for the website and improves the customer’s reactions.
  • Content Planning – To achieve the peak for sales planning, content is no less important. Content is everything in marketing. Building a valuable relationship with the audience is one of the determinations of the brand. The next step is to decision making that want to post on the page. There are different roads to walk on.Firstly, you only want to post content about your brand. Secondly, you want to post a ration of (8:2) mostly to  educating, informative, entertaining  content with  valuable content and less amount about brand services. Thirdly, you want to post 50-50 of its which includes valuable content and brand services.
  • Optimization – Finding your Facebook page in the ocean of businesses is quite a difficult task. Later after getting your page next step task is to make them like your page. Optimization is an extremely important step in this. The cover page tells it all about the persona of the brand. It takes a lot of effort to make the appearance of the entire page interesting.
  • Facebook Features – Facebook has quite a variety of features like Organizing list, Group, Messages, Live streaming, Scrapbooking, Stories, Legacy contacts, and many more. By using these features for promoting the offers and services of your brand is an interesting concept. It builds loyalty between you and your customer. Make and show them that it is a fan-oriented and friendly brand.
  • Tracking & Refining – The last step is to measure the performance of your work. To see what worked and what did not for you and your targeted audiences. The measuring can be done by analyzing likes, reach and sharing, engagement, and how many people have disliked your page.

CONCLUSION – There are like 2.60 billion accounts on Facebook, out of which 1.70 billion people are daily active users. There are more than a 80million active accounts of small businesses on Facebook. So, it is proved that Facebook is a vast platform with numerous genres of businesses. It is a courtship between your brand and the audience. So make it count!


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