Definition of Brand & Business – A brand is a feature with design, name, symbol, term, or any other affecting feature. These identities identify and distinctiveness of a product from other sellers and their brand.

Whereas, a business is an entity that has an enterprising bond in the field of commercial, industrial, and professional activities. A business is an infinite space for both profitable and non-profitable organizations.

How to create an assertive brand?

However, to shape your brand and its identity these are the following guidelines to follow:

# Research Working – Research is the first step in the building of a brand. Search Engine is a vast space to know and research about potential customers. Knowing about the competitors and analyzing and eavesdropping on customers’ comments helps in gaining knowledge.

While in the process of researching notes making is essential. Notes on the customers to whom you can sell your product easily and their expression on similar products.

# Substantial Personality – Your brand cannot be always the focal point of all customers. Hence, bringing focus to your product should be your exercise. The exercise of brand focus starts with a positioning statement that states your claim in the market. Creating a right and unique tagline, appropriate to the product of yours.

Stating a clear statement about your mission on the product looks more promising. This unique value proposition is a great pitch for brand compliments.

# Brand’s Name – A brand is not just about the name, it is way beyond that. A brand’s name in the market is featured by action, personality, and reputation. A brand’s name should be hard to imitate by others but not confusing. A complete brainstorming for the name of the product is a must. Your brand’s name can be an acronym, a make-up word, descriptive, re framing, metaphor, combination of two words and etc.

# Slogan – As an asset, a catchy slogan brings a big impact on the market and in the customer’s mind. A good slogan with a short, strong impersonates and meaningful angle makes it more approachable. A great one-liner or a tagline is a positioning statement that describes your business.

# Look & Logo– A visual representation of the brand’s name and logo makes a statement for the eyes. The logo with namely color, typography, and fonts makes the brand defined. The idea of logo creating should be unique and totally different than your competitors. The choosing of colors, font, and logotype help to communicate with you and your audiences.

# Implementation – The last and final stage is applying your branding in your business across the marketing field. The story of the brand represents the statutory of your business. The marketing stage can be online or offline or both. Sharing your brand story makes you and your customer near. The shoppers should feel assured about the legitimization of your brand.

Final Words – In order to build your brand the first and foremost thing to do is connecting the dots. The sprinkling of dots about what you are trying to sell and your reaching audiences. The connection is very vital for the enhancement of Brand making. The business and brand go hand in hand. They are like the two equilibrium leverage on a weighing scale. With that note, it is important to note that one brand can never have 100% control of the market and the audiences. Shaping and evolving is a huge part of the business.


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    Ennismore is a creative hospitality company rooted in culture and community, with a global portfolio of entrepreneurial and founder-built brands with purpose at their heart. It curates and manages unique properties and experiences in some of the most exciting destinations around the world. The Ennismore team is made up of some of the brightest doers, thinkers and makers from inside and outside the industry – including an in-house creative studio, a fully integrated F B concept platform and a digital product tech innovation lab – who together create brands that inspire discovery.

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