How To Do Digital Marketing on Instagram

Instagram digital marketing functions similarly to other platforms, where a company pays someone or influencers a commission for bringing in customers to buy its product or service. A specific code or URL is used to track the amount of commission paid. Instagram had a native program for creators that ended in August 2022. But don’t worry, you can still make money through digital marketing on Instagram.

Change your account type to creator or business – Having a creator or business account on Instagram is an important step, though it is not required. When you have this designation on your account, it establishes your credibility with your followers as well as the businesses with whom you choose to collaborate. You will be perceived as a reliable source who is not out to con people or make a quick buck.

Find affiliate partners with whom you want to collaborate – To begin Digital marketing on Instagram, you must first identify an affiliate program with which you wish to collaborate. Another option is to approach businesses directly and explain how you relate to what they offer and the value your audience can bring them. Businesses may also contact you directly to begin an affiliate partnership, reinforcing the value of having a business profile or creator account to establish your legitimacy.

Select products that are related to the type of content you produce – When finalizing your partnerships, make sure to select products or services that are relevant to your audience, and existing content. It is also necessary to have faith in the products, businesses, or services that you recommend. If your audience purchases a product based on your recommendation and experience with it, and it fails to perform as advertised, you risk losing the trust you worked so hard to earn. It is best practice to test products or services yourself first to ensure that the partnership is beneficial to all parties involved.

Share your unique links or codes – As an affiliate, you earn money when your audience purchases something using your unique code or link. As a result, make sure to include your codes in your Feed posts, Stories, Reels, and profile Bio – wherever your audience will see them. You can include a swipe up link in your Stories if you have 10,000 followers or more. To be transparent with your audience, make it clear when you share these links that they are part of a paid partnership.

Digital marketing allows you to increase revenue, build relationships with your favourite brands or businesses, and provide value to your target audiences – so it’s a viable strategy to consider when it comes to increasing platform loyalty and engagement.


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