Export plays an eminent role in every country. Export expansion not only increases the economy but also intensifies the GDP of the country. While in the Indian economy, as the export market is increasing it parallelly brings growth which contributes to approx. 4 % to the GDP. India exports several products all across the globe. Hence, one can say it is the main reason India is one of the top exporters in the world.


The Important items which India Exports are as follows:

  1. Leather Items – Leather products are defined as the major export goods of India. In the distribution of accessories or leather products, India becomes the top listed exporters across all the nations. Most of the leather products which include belts, pouches, bags, handbags, and many other different types of products are traded globally. In India, various firms including small as well as large scale entities are continually engaged in the export of leather items to foreign nations.
  2. Medical appliances and accessories – India’s medical appliances are a world-famous product that is exported. They are better in quality & variety to the foreign market. It includes common items like surgical disposables, surgical face masks, bandages, absorbent gauze, surgical caps crepe, sterile gloves, etc. The distinctive appliances which are special which include baby incubators, digital imaging software, and air ionizers. These products have a good market position in the international market.
  3. Agricultureor Commodities Legacy –India is the leading exporter of Basmati and non-basmati rice globally. It also holds the second position in the production of vegetables and Fruits.

Textile/Garments, Pharmaceutical products, Engineering Products, and minerals are the few leading items that have a high contribution to Export Sales.

It is also highly exported products from India. The products which are organic have high raising demand in all the foreign countries. India is the paramount producer of agricultural products for countries like Australia, France, Italy, Singapore, China, Canada, Germany, Sweden, and Saudi Arabia. India is the largest producer and exporter of ginger and okra and is followed by different varieties of vegetables and fruits.

  1. Textiles – In terms of clothing and textile India accounts for 15% of the total exports of the textile industry. Genuinely, a big market is involved in it. The textile market has increased exports and moves towards better growth and success in the foreign markets. Silk and khadi are the copious demanded products for export in the international market.

The above products which are exported from India produce a high return of revenues. For further information, contact us. We will help you to gain more knowledge about the top products that are exported from India.

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