Christmas is just around the corner. Hurray, the season of chilling and vibing in your comfort zone has come. Though Christmas and New Year celebration are ‘venerable’ and Social Media is all about ‘yesterday’. Social media platforms are already covered with early Christmas and New Year campaigns.

These occasions are celebrated every year all around the world. Yet, every year the campaigns are always a new and fresh. Let’s jump straight onto the social network’s Winter Giveaway!


FACEBOOK – Facebook is one of the top most popular social media networks. You can find different types of personalities with different age groups, experiences, tastes, and opinions. You can ask silly and funny questions from your audience.

A brand named ‘Xpelair At Home’ an electronic product brand boosted their social media engagement with the open-end questions with the audiences. They asked a simple question ‘Tell your favorite Christmas treat!’ And in return, they were providing one lucky winner the chance of winning a chocolate hamper.

INSTAGRAM – Instagram is a photo & Video-sharing media platform with different features. Therefore, the users in comparison to Facebook are young and tech-savvy but sophisticated in terms of the nature of taste. You can ask your audience to have a creative challenge for Christmas.

The brand named ‘LaCroix Water’ a paper wrapping brand chose a contest asking ‘tag your sparkle bestie, and letting them know what you want for the holidays!’ The brand looked on for rewarding 200 winners for their contest. The winner gets the reward of festive wrapping papers.

TWITTER – The ‘tweet-retweet’ session of this platform is a different level. Though, Twitter is not as a popular platform as the previous two. Yet, it has its own craze users about the commenting platform. For, the platform of Twitter is a flexible network and one can engage with their fans as a giveaway.

‘Kubota’, a brand for the body warmer garment asked its fan to ‘retweet their tweet with hashtags’. In return 1 out of 3 finalists will get rewarded with their brand products.

LINKEDIN LinkedIn has its own fan base. It is a professional social media platform. The recruiter and the applicant, both are entrusted on this platform. Strategies do not always involve the giveaway in the physical sense. One can create a huge number of connections.

LinkedIn’s own company page offered its engaging audiences with questions like ‘What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?’ Out of which 70 of the LinkedIn influencers contributed their own way of the answer. This created an on-going conversation with the influencers. The small interactive question session has made a great impact on the Influencers and the company got more visibility to flourish.

FINAL WORDS – So, tell us what your marketing approach is this Christmas and New Year? Share your valuable ideas and thought on marketing strategies. We are always on the look-out for knowledge and ideas. So, help us develop more possible featured content.


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