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LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that was launched in the year of May 2003. It is a platform that has become a global sensation on social media, for boosting up the business presence.

There are different categorical professionals from different domains that connect with each other.


Goal – Typically, the first priority goes to focusing on your target. The approach and the type of content or post you put on your website determine the definition of your goal.

The goals can differentiate according to the onset of the distributive approach. They can be building brand awareness, generation of leads, brand reputation strengthening, target audience, selling of your product, and services.

Understanding – The next prerequisite marketing strategy is targeting your audience. It is totally on your parameter setting that how you want to outline your audience according to the location, industry, job titles, or geographic representation.

The analytic section on your company page gives a broad perspective of your followers and page visitors. Catering to the needs of your audience helps in tailoring your relationship with them.

Company page – The first thing a person search for in your brand is the official page. The inclusion of valid information about the company logo, product, services, employees, headquarter, website URL, and other different detail is essential.

These valid details build the credibility of your brand. Other than that you can put crucial details about the offerings you can provide can also convey you, valid customers.

Analysis – Deep analysis is a requisite part of the marketing strategy. Keeping an eye on your competitors can fare and amplify your brand’s acknowledgment. LinkedIn has a feature for tracking the reports of companies similar to you.

The report shows key metrics like the total number of followers, follower growth, and social media engagement. By evaluating and analyzing this page you can make the identity and adopt the integrated tactics and workings.

Image/ Videos – The maximizing of the audience engagement and grabbing the attention of the audience is a laborious task. One of the best ways to grab their attention is by using images and videos.

The additional feature with text-based article implements more. Uploading videos, slide-shows, or a Pdf about your product makes it more attractive. The prioritizing of the feature of the product gets more enhanced.


There are 57% of male users and 43% of female users on LinkedIn.

  • LinkedIn is used by 41% of millionaires.
  • On an everyday basis, 25 million LinkedIn profiles are viewed by companies and other professionals.
  • There is 89% of all recruiters have been recruited by someone through LinkedIn.
  • By putting a profile picture on your account it is 11times more likely to be viewed.
  • 40% of users use LinkedIn on a regular basis.
  • 50% of the global traffic in LinkedIn comes from mobile.
  • There are more than 75,000 developers that use LinkedIn API in their services and product.
  • LinkedIn has 1.5 million groups from different categorical sectors.
  • On average, it is said that the CEO’s have 930 connection in LinkedIn.

FINAL WORDS – In order to have crucial success in campaigns on Social Media, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms. Without the inducement of LinkedIn, you might lose the grasping opportunity of a class audience. LinkedIn is all about getting quality leads.


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