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Twitter is a social networking platform with the most famous way of interacting with messages known as ‘tweets’.

Twitter was created and founded by four Americans. This microblogging site was launched in July 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. Twitter Inc.’s headquarter is based and situated in San Francisco, California. There are more than 25 offices around the world. According to the survey in 2020 it was estimated that there are 330 million active monthly users around the world.

Let’s learn a few of the trending marketing strategies for Twitter!

Humors Tweets – The brands that use funny tweets and re-tweets are mostly liked by the digital crowd. People tend to follow them more in comparison to others.

This happens because the more you get the humorous voice the more effective it is for the brand. The users get excited and visit and re-visit your websites and even share them with their known people.

Personalization– The acknowledgment and the personalized tweets that is what the attentive user wants. When it comes to social media platforms or Twitter the customer wants satisfaction from the brand for listening to their queries.

Though, there are a group of customers who are always asking for refunds. But there are the majority of customers that have valid complaints. When you give them a sigh of listening to them and work on their issues, they generate loyalty with your brand.

Visual Creativity – Giving personal attention to the customer is although a strategic thing. But creativity is also a must. The subtle art of being an ‘out of the box’ content grabs the crowd’s eyeballs.

The feedbacks get really impacted by the visual and innovation ideas for your brand recognition. Using the same tactics of replying to their tweets makes it too boring and outdated. Visual tweets make the customer’s brain catchy and engaging.

Hashtags – Hashtags are effective and happening symbols for the contents. It creates a fuss and havoc in the digital world when it is appropriate for the brand’s contents.

When the usage of the hashtag is befitted in the right way it tends to reach the targeted audiences without any fail. The proper usage of keywords and short phrases makes the audience click on them. Twitter lights up your business with creative and trending topics.

CONCLUSION – The brand always has to be planning its strategies according to the targeted audiences. It is always bout Innovation, Creativity, and Efforts to reach a gradable position. This makes the brand is differentiated from the rest of the other brands and their marketing ways.


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